Even though there is still some time felt until AMD's first desktop processors based on the Bulldozer architecture will make their appearance, a hardware Website from Singapore has already started selling the 8-core FX-8130P and FX-8110 CPUs. The processors than went on sale are nothing more than engineering samples of the FX-8130P and FX-8110 based on AMD's B1 silicon revision. As a result, the operating clocks may be lower than those of the final CPUs that AMD is expected to start retailing in August/September 2011, as these will use the newer B2 stepping. In addition, overclocking could also be limited as engineering sample processors usually come with a locked multiplier. According to previous leaks, the final version of the AMD FX-8130P is expected to feature eight processing cores with a base frequency of 3.8GHz, that can be increased up to 4.2GHz when Turbo Core kicks in. This is going to be AMD's only Zambezi FX processor to have a 125W TDP. The second chip to be listed, the FX-8110, is expected to also feature eight computing core, but these will carry a base clock of 3.6GHz, a maximum Turbo frequency of 4GHz and will have a TDP of just 95W. Apart from the four Bulldozer modules, the FX-8130P and FX-8110 also pack 8MB of Level 3 cache memory and an integrated dual-channel 1866MHz memory controller. Both Zambezi processors will come as Black Edition parts, meaning they feature an unlocked multiplier for higher overclocking headroom. Pricing for the AMD FX-8130P engineering sample CPU has been set at 600$, while the FX-8110 is sold for 500$. The prices are higher than the ones uncovered by us a few months ago ($320 FX-8130P and 290$ FX-8110), but this is expected since the processors sold are engineering samples of two yet-unreleased products.