AMD seems to have changed its plans regarding the launch of FX-Series processors, as recent reports suggest the Sunnyvale-based company is now looking into releasing no less than seven CPU models, compared to the four SKUs rumored previously. According to some recently uncovered information, the initial lineup will include three eight-core chip models as well as two six-core and two quad-core processors with TDP's ranging from 95W to 125W. The fastest of these upcoming chips is called the FX-8150 and it sports a base frequency of 3.6GHz, a maximum Turbo frequency of 4.2GHz, 8MB of Level 2 cache memory, and a TDP of 125W. Right bellow this chip stands the FX-8120 that also packs eight processing cores and other similar features, but comes clocked at 3.1GHz (4GHz in Turbo mode). The FX-8120 will also be the only AMD FX-Series processor to be available in two different versions, one featuring a 125W TDP while the other is a 95W part. From this point onwards, all the FX-Series CPUs to be detailed in this article will sport a 95W TDP. This includes the only remaining eight-core chip, the FX-8100, which has a base frequency of 2.8GHz and a Maximum Turbo frequency of 3.7GHz. Moving to AMD's six-core parts, the FX-8120 and FX-8100, we find that only the latter CPU was detailed. According to the leaked document this operates at 3.3GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) and includes just 6MB of L2 cache. The amount of Level 2 cache memory is yet again reduced when we get to the quad-core FX-Series parts, the FX-4120 and the FX-4100. The second one of these is clocked at 3.6GHz and can reach 3.8GHz when Turbo Core is active. All the processors that were detailed are based on AMD's Zambezi 32nm core, carry 8MB of shared L3 cache, an integrated DDR3 1866MHz dual-channel memory controller, sport an unlocked multiplier and are compatible with AM3+ motherboards. According to AMD's Computex 2011 announcement, the first FX-Series CPU models will arrive in late August or early September, but the source cited allegedly reports these are now scheduled for an October release.