There has been much talk, both official and unofficial, about what one may expect from AMD's Llano A-Series APU, and it looks like the latest implication is that the graphics performance will greatly exceed anything seen in Intel's solutions. The fact that Advanced Micro Devices will soon launch its Llano A-series mainstream accelerated processing unit is not exactly news. That the Sunnyvale, California-based company also claims Llano will have a significantly better graphics performance over Intel's solutions is also not news. Of course, considering that AMD used HD 6000 series graphics with DirectX 11 support, among other things, this confidence is likely justified. Still, up until now, it wasn't that easy to speculate on just how much better the Llano integrated graphics are going to be. Now, X-bit Labs claims to have gotten a look at some AMD internal documents, in which 3DMarck Vantage returned thrice the Intel Core i5-2300 score for the AMD A8-3550 APU. For those that don't know, the former is a 2.80 GHz (3.10 GHz with Turbo Boost) quad-core CPU with 6 MB L3 cache and Intel HD graphics at 850MHz (1100MHz). The latter is a quad-core APU with 4 MB of cache and the Radeon HD 6550 graphics (594 MHz, 400 Stream Processors). There are extra features as well, like the Dual Graphics technology, which is the same as CrossFireX (will let the built-in chip collaborate with certain graphics cards. The Turbo Core feature is also present, meaning that core clocks (whatever they are) will be dynamically boosted and slowed down depending on application requirements. The report makes a point of mentioning that while AMD discrete cards can “provide additive performance,” NVIDIA cards don't (on Intel either). As expected, AMD did not comment on this new rumor, but it makes sense that it would want to do everything necessary to promote its products over NVIDIA ones.