Even though Bulldozer has proven be to a disappointment for many, AMD isn’t going to let this architecture go and until the end of this year will release another FX-series CPU into the market, dubbed the FX-6200. Just as its name implies, AMD’s upcoming processor will feature three Bulldozer modules for a total of six processing cores and according to Donanim Haber it will come clocked at 3.8GHz. The processor will be able to dynamically adjust its operating speed, according to the number of threads run, thanks to the inclusion of the Turbo Core 2.0 technology which enables it to reach a maximum speed of 4.1GHz. The rest of its specs are rather standard for a six-core FX-Series chip as it includes 6MB of L2 cache as well as 8MB of Level 3 cache memory, but the TDP has been increased to 125W from the 95W of the current FX-6100. This could partially be explained by the increase in operating frequencies, but there’s also a chance that given Globalfoundries’ 32nm yield issues AMD may have decided to raise the TDP on purpose in order to make it easier for its chips to qualify as an FX-6200. As far as performance is concerned, an internal AMD document places this new Bulldozer chip between the AMD FX-6100 and the FX-8150 in video encoding tasks. The same graph also shows Intel’s Core i5-2400 running this application, reveling that the two processors are almost equal when it comes to video encoding. More info should become available on December 26, when the new AMD FX-6200 is expected to make its entrance. Pricing for this new chip will be set at $175, which translates into about 134 EUR, and makes the AMD CPU slightly less expensive than its Intel counterpart, the Core i5-2400, that sells for $184 to $195.