UK operators Orange and Three have updated their web sites to indicate that Apple is planning to ship the white version of its iPhone 4 relatively soon, with the two carriers offering customers the option to choose between the two configurations, storage capacity, and a wireless plan. The news comes shortly after Best Buy and Vodafone Germany started showing the white iPhone 4 in their internal systems, followed by AT&T. Without a doubt, this all adds up as confirmation that Apple fans are finally going to see the white iPhone 4 released to the masses. As noted above, the most recent confirmation, comes from Britain’s two official iPhone carriers. Both Three and Orange UK are making the White iPhone 4 as visible as possible on their respective web sites, offering the complete range of options as for any phone in their listings. This is clear indication that the two carriers have heard of, or received a memo with Apple’s plans to launch the elusive handset sometime in the near future. As reported in the past, Apple delayed the launch of its white iPhone 4 not once, but three times since the controversial handset was introduced in the summer of 2010. In June 2010, Apple accused manufacturing difficulties posed by this version of the device. The company continued to sell the black version as planned, promising to get around to launching the white model soon. However, such plans got foiled, with Apple announcing the following month (July 2010) that iPhone 4 White was still not ready for shipping. Apple’s third and last delay of the handset was in October 2010, when the Cupertino giant revealed that the white version of the iPhone 4 would not arrive until spring 2011. At the time, many speculators went on record to say that Apple wasn’t likely to ever release the smartphone, considering the likelihood of an iPhone 5 announcement just a few months following the planned Spring release. However, given the latest developments, Apple appears eager to make good on its promise.