Phone Stick Download

Use an iPhone, iPod or iPad? Phone Stick comes in handy allowing you to see your iPhone as a discoverable USB device. Having Phone Stick, you can transfer music, photos, videos from iPhone or iPod to a storage device . Increase USB Stick volume in roder store your personal information on iPod as on a flash stick. There is no need to jailbreak. From App folder you can upload movies to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in AVI or MKV format.
Phone Stick promises smooth experience - just plug USB cord to an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and your device directly connects to the computer. Transfer files from iPhone to USB storage and the other way round. The application presents itself with attractive and innovative METRO design. Its simplicity and ease of use can appease both beginners and intermediate users alike.
The software is geared toward users who often use iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and need to quickly and easily transfer files from their devices to the PC.