If you are trying to find a quick and easy way to detect hidden cameras in your everyday environment, this article will explore some of the free and paid apps available on the Google Play Store and App Store for Android and iOS devices. However, as with all apps in these categories, you should always approach them with an open, yet sceptical mind.


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Being secretly recorded against your will and knowledge is something a lot of people are fearful of in today’s society. As cameras and video recording devices get smaller and smaller, the risk of being recorded in office spaces, bathrooms, dressing rooms and of course bedrooms is ever growing.

Although it’s still quite difficult to detect hidden cameras and other recording devices, with one hundred percent certainty, there are a few cheap or free apps available for mobile devices (Android and iOS) that will help you reduce the risk of being recorded secretly. Of course, as with everything, you should take the success rate of these apps with a grain of salt as they may not always detect hidden devices. That being said, some protection is certainly better than nothing.

Note: It’s also possible in some situations to detect some hidden cameras using your phone's WiFi. Simply open the list of WiFi connections on your phone and check to see if they are any devices listed that may be cameras. This isn’t a perfect solution, but a lot of cheaper camera variants will be blatantly obvious on the list of WiFi devices/networks. You can also do the same with your Bluetooth connection.

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Can You Detect Hidden Cameras With Your Phone? (Hidden Camera Detection Apps)

Unfortunately, if you own an iOS device, hidden camera detection apps are far and few between. However, there is one decent option available called Hidden Camera Detector, which has an average 2.9-star rating (not the greatest rating). The app is available for ($4.99) which doesn't make it the cheapest app but it is worth using if you are worried that someone may be trying to secretly record you. Before you purchase the app I would suggest spending some time reading through the reviews as they are quite mixed. Some rave about the app, whilst others haven’t had any results.

For the best results when using Hidden Camera Detector, you must hold your phone's camera steady and stable, quick passes of a room will not yield promising results. Slow and steady movements will allow you to detect cameras more easily.

If you have an Android device on the other hand, there are quite a few different options available for download, however, again, you should spend some time reading a variety of different reviews before making any purchases. Thankfully, there are also quite a few free options that are worth checking out, three of which are listed below:

Download: Glint Finder (Free)

Download: Hidden Camera Detector (Free)

Download: Hidden Camera Detector and Spy Cam Finder (Free)

can you use your phone to detect hidden cameras

Note: Some common household devices such as TVs, computers, and smart assistants like Amazon Echo can give false positives, though you should still be cautious of their positioning and recording status.  

Whichever app you choose to use, make sure you read the instructions on how to use it properly as the way you hold your phone makes quite a big difference to the results you get. I spent some time using each of the apps above and got decent results from all of them, however, Hidden Camera Detector was by far the best.