A few of our keen readers have noticed a slight change Microsoft has made to the Bing homepage. Among the set of image control buttons to the bottom right of the homepage a new button has appeared that enables a "Full Screen" mode, which hides the top navigation bar, the footer, and the popular searches pane. By clicking the button you can fully enjoy the beautiful photos Bing displays on the homepage, and it also makes the design more minimal by hiding seldom-used navigation tools. It should be noted the full-screen button doesn't actually make the image full-screen on monitors with a resolution above 1366x768, but it certainly makes the image more visible. So far we've seen the feature appear on the United States and Australian Bing homepages, so we assume it has rolled out (or will be rolled out shortly) to all localized Bing sites worldwide. Head to Bing right now to check it out.