Crysis 2 will finally receive support for DirectX 11 as well as for high resolution textures, as Crytek, the developer of the first person shooter, has pinned a concrete release date on the free updates that include these features. Crysis 2 was a stunning game in terms of graphics, showcasing the power of the new CryEngine 3 technology to the world. Some PC gamers, however, weren't impressed, as the game didn't come with support for the new DirectX 11 rendering software, which enables games to use the full power of newer graphics cards. The studio promised that a patch with support would arrive soon, and has now confirmed that PC users will be able to harness the power given by DirectX 11 software next week. On June 27, Crysis 2 owners will be able to get a new patch for the game, taking it to version 1.9, as well as two packages that include support for DirectX 11 and high resolution textures, respectively. The free DirectX 11 Ultra Upgrade pack adds "hardware tessellation, parallax occlusion mapping, and several upgrades for shadows, water, particles, depth of field, and motion blur." Players will need to download the update for the game first, because it allows Crysis 2 to actually make use of the special packages and display the upgraded graphics. A user on the NeoGAF forums managed to download test versions of the two updates, and made a couple of animated images to showcase the different between the game without extra features like tessellation or improved shadows and with the new features brought by the packages. Basically, the game looks bit more "bumpy" so to say, with textures popping out and depth being added to things like tire tracks, while shadows and reflections are added to more surfaces. Until next week when the updates for Crysis 2 will be deployed, fans are going to have to wait it out and play the shooter in regular DirectX 9 mode.