Crysis 2 has just received a brand new patch, taking it to version 1.9, as well as two major updates that bring support for the DirectX 11 rendering software and a high-resolution texture pack. Crysis 2 impressed a lot of people back in March when Crytek, its developer, together with Electronic Arts, its publisher, launched the first-person shooter on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Sadly, lots of PC gamers that upgraded their computers to run the game flawlessly were a bit upset that the title didn't have support for DirectX 11, the newest rendering software from Microsoft that uses the whole power of the PC's graphics card. Crytek promised to launch an update to the game with support for the software, and has now officially deployed the DirectX 11 Update as well as a pack of high-resolution textures for the game. What's more, this "Ultra" upgrade also brings a few improvements to gamers that are running on DirectX 9 software, not just to those top of the line computers. "The DX11 Ultra Upgrade is a free visual improvement add-on introducing DirectX 11 support as well as a wealth of graphical improvements and performance optimization for both DX11 and DX9 API's," Crytek revealed. "When using the new “Ultra” spec, DX9 platforms will benefit from real-time local reflections and contact shadows. The owners of DX11 platforms, in addition, will be able to enjoy hardware tessellation (requires the installation of the “DX11 Ultra Upgrade”), parallax occlusion mapping and several improvements for shadows, water, particles, depth of field and motion blur." Before players get the new updates, they need to install the new 1.9 patch for Crysis 2, which is automatically downloaded when you start up the game.