Crysis 2, the full pledged sequel to the extremely impressive PC exclusive first person shooter, looks so good running in 3D, that James Cameron, the director of 3D movie phenomenon Avatar, fell in love with it, proclaiming it to be a 3D benchmark. One of the biggest first-person shooter of this year, at least in terms of technical achievements, is Crysis 2, the new title coming from German developer Crytek. Besides taking the graphics quality to a whole new level with the CryEngine 3 technology, the title will also support 3D output on all platforms. While talking about the game, Cevat Yerli, president and creative director at Crytek, explained that his company already had a full 3D project under development for quite a while, and that the know-how was also implemented in the creation process of Crysis 2. “A lot of this knowledge is now in the Crysis 2 3D experience,” he said. “That’s why we have, in my opinion, a benchmark 3D implementation.” Yerli is so confident in the 3D quality of the upcoming title, that he even compared it to James Cameron's Avatar movie, which broke sales records due to its impressive 3D effects. “I’ll even claim it’s the same as Avatar’s status in 3D,” Yerli said. “James Cameron has seen Crysis 2, and he loved what he saw because his eyes are trained for 3D more than anyone else’s, and that makes me confident that we have a super-high-end 3D experience on all formats.” When asked just how James Cameron ended up checking out Crysis 2, Yerli played coy and just said that "it's another story." Crysis 2 is set to really take the gameplay of the original to whole new level, both in regards to story but also in terms of online features, adding a multiplayer component to keep people in the experience. The game is set to be published by EA under its Partners program on March 22, in North America, and March 25, in Europe, for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.