It appears that Advanced Micro Devices has completed its latest display driver release, bringing along not just extra features and performance optimizations, but also some bug fixes, among other things. By now, consumers will already be aware of the fact that Advanced Micro Devices updates its display driver suite, and pretty much every other driver, on a regular basis. In fact, new graphics cards drivers seem to be released every month, since the Sunnyvale, California-based company is always mindful of how its customers want up to date software. That said, the latest version of the Catalyst suite has been delivered, that being Catalyst 11.4 and featuring the OpenCL runtime which “includes performance enhancements supporting zero-copy on APUs and increased performance for PCIe transfers between a CPU and discrete GPU.” Some game performance enhancements have been implemented, meaning that certain games will now run at higher frame rates than before. More specifically, the performance in certain titles (Call of Duty Black Ops, Far Cry 2, Just Cause 2, Batman Arkham Asylum, etc.) should be 9% to 20% better, depending on graphics settings. Meanwhile, some visual glitches, feature reporting issues and other bugs have been resolved, like lightshafts, intermittent slowdowns and various sorts of graphical corruption during games, among other things. As for completely new features, the AMD VISION Engine Control Center /AMD Catalyst Control Center are the parts of the download package that got revised. Update notifications will now be made automatically, letting consumers know when a new driver is available. Also, a new Eyefinity setup group section has been added, for multi-display scenarios, while display configurations and settings are simpler to modify in the Display Management tab of the Control Center.