Today AMD released their monthly update to the Catalyst driver suite for Radeon HD graphics solution, which has now come to version 11.7 and introduces a series of bug fixes and WHQL certification for the recently introduced AMD A-Series accelerated processing units. According to the documentation released by AMD, this latest release doesn't bring any new features of performance improvements and instead focuses on improving stability. On that note, AMD introduced quite a few bug fixes, including one for those annoying mouse cursor lag issues that have been plaguing so many users until now. Consumers who use monitors connected through HDMI and DisplayPort can also rejoice as Catalyst 11.7 resolves the system hangs that were introduced with the previous version of the driver. Together with these, the Catalyst driver team also fixed a series of video playback problems, some of them application-specific and some generic. This includes the hardware acceleration issues spotted in VLC Player version 1.1.9. On the gaming front, the list of bug fixes is greatly smaller than the one regarding video playback. Arguably the most important of these is the removal of the chequerboard corruption witnesses in DirectX 10 titles when using a CrossFire configuration with Eyefinity enabled. Other fixes regard Shogun II, Portal 2, and Hamilton’s Great Adventure. According to AMD, the latter will now function correctly when using CrossFire configurations. As is usually the case with Catalyst driver, this latest version supports cards from both the desktop Radeon and Mobility Radeon series, together with AMD's FireStream GPGPU solutions and integrated (chipset and APU) graphics cores.