Sony's pre-E3 press conference is over and the highlight of the evening was the official naming of its NGP (Next Generation Portable) console. The rumors are true: It will be called the PS Vita. Due out sometime this holiday season, the PS Vita will retail for $249.99 for the WiFi only version and $299.99 for the WiFi plus 3G version. The 3G service will be provided by AT&T and when this was announced there were a ton of groans from the assembled audience. Pricing for the 3G service has yet to be announced. PS Vita already has 80 games in various stages of development from nearly every major publisher. Sony will release a number of PS Vita games on their own including Ruin (working title). It's a Diablo-like fantasy action-RPG that will also have a PS3 version. People who play the PS Vita version can save their game to a cloud server and then play the game where they left off with the PS3 version. Little Big Planet will also get a PS Vita port and will allow players to use the console's touch screen to help make new levels and content. All of the content made for the PS3 version of Little Big Planet can be played on the PS Vita version. The same can be said of ModNation Racers for the PS Vita; all of the PS3 content for that game can work on the PS Vita portable version. It will also have its own PS Vita version of the game's mod tools. Capcom will release a version of its upcoming fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken to the PS Vita and it will include Cole from the PS3 inFAMOUS series as an extra character.