If you have to edit graphic files on a daily basis you probably use Photoshop quite often. However, Adobe's program has its drawbacks - the licence is quite expensive, and the application itself is rather complicated, especially if you are only a beginner. When you only want to remove red eyes or apply interesting filters to your holiday photos you should definitely opt for simpler and, importantly, free programs. Which one you ought to choose? Here is a list of 9 programs for Windows and Mac users that allow you to edit your images easily and efficiently. 

1. Pixlr

If you think that it is impossible to get an in-browser image editor that works fast - think again. Pixlr does not have to be installed, and yet it is so similar to Adobe's application, it even uses the same hotkeys. The pictures you have modified you can save later on your hard drive, as well as send an URL address to your friends, or share a photo via social networking services such as Facebook.

2. Sumopoint

This non-complicated graphics editor is available in two versions - a browser-based and as a desktop application. There are also two variations - a free one and professional (with lifetime licence for less than 20 bucks). The program has been created to mimick Photoshop, but keep in mind that - especially when it comes to the free variant - you get fairly fewer features. However, Sumopaint proves more than enough for basic photo edition.

3. PicMonkey

Do you like Instagram? PicMonkey is a browser-based application packed with filters and effects just like in the well-known smartphone-based image editor. This program is not great for removing pimples or extra pounds from your belly, but it can be used to add a hilarious touch to your party photos by applying filters and adding moustaches and hats.

4. Splashup

Previously known as Fauxto, Splashup provides you with a set of graphics editing tools suitable for begining users. With this application you can easily crop and blur parts of your photos. The program allows you to import photos from services such as Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa, as well as upload them from your hard drive.

5. Picfull

One-click editing tool - is it possible? With this browser-based program you can choose among 21 various filters that can be further modified in a couple of ways to create unique effects.

6. Fotor

Just like in case of PicMonkey, Fotor presents you with a vast array of effects and filters that let you make your holiday photos more appealing, whether you have pictures from Bahams or it is New York City at nightfall. Fotor comes with a special Chrome extension that allows to integrate it better with the browser. Drawbacks? It is not very fast.


One of the best known free graphics editors; infortunately, one of the most complicated. It offers a vast variety of features, making it the richest alternative for Photoshop. However, I do not advise beginning users to choose it: it is easy to get lost in the jungle of layers, effects and filters. Unfortunately, this program is only available in a desktop version and is no speed king.

8. Seashore

If you are fandom Apple and use a Mac daily then Seashore is something for you. This free application for OS X gives you all the features you need for basic image editing.

9. Image Tricks

Another application designed for OS X that provides you with numerous editing tools. Image Tricks brings you a plethora of filters, effects and lay-ons even in its free version.