If you have a few dollars, pounds, rupee or euro spare on an old prepaid bank card Laying around on your computer desk. Or you just don’t like being told you can only spend your money in increments of $5. You can bypass Steams $5 increments policy, using a couple of methods. One simple, one not so simple, both work just as well, so why not snag yourself that cheap game?!


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As mentioned earlier, valve only lets you add funds in increments of $5, with a minimum of $5. Unfortunately, there still isn’t a way to bypass the minimum amount. So if you have $3 left on a card and wish to add it to grab that $2.99 copy of something, you’re out of luck. However! If you want to add $7.99 you are in luck! There are two main options available to add money to your account, you can use a browser extension called Enhanced Steam or the less simple option, your browser’s JavaScript console.

Add Any Random Amount of Money to Your Steam Account Using the 'Enhanced Steam' Extension.

The simplest method available to add a random amount of money to your Steam account is by using the Enhanced Steam browser extension, which is available for Chrome and Firefox. With support coming for Microsoft Edge in the near future. Enhanced Steam also has a few other handy little features as well:

Enhanced Steam Features.

  • Highlights games you already own.
  • Highlights games on your wishlist.
  • Correctly calculates bundle discounts based on games you already own.
  • Shows you how much money you've spent on Steam for the lifetime of your account (probably scary to look at)
  • Highlights DLC you own on a game page.
  • Fixes No Image Available game icons on your wishlist for games and DLC.

Note: Unfortunately, these features don’t transcend to the Steam app or program, they would be quite useful there as well


Once you have installed the extension go to Steam’s "Add Funds page, which is found by going to the drop-down arrow in the top right-hand corner next to your account name. Inside the arrow go to Account details. A new box will appear beneath the $5 option. Enter any amount (remember you cannot go below the $5 base) and click Add Funds, now you can check out as normal.

NOTE: Something to watch out for though when entering your values is the decimal place can sometimes do strange things, for example, 1.96 € can jump to 196€


Note: If you are cautious about your account security being monitored or viewed via the extension the Javascript method will be your preferred method.

Add Any Amount of Credit to Your Steam Wallet Using the JavaScript Console.

If you aren’t prepared to install another extension to your browser, you can also add a custom amount outside $5 increments using the JavaScript Console. If you wish to try this method, you can go directly to the Add funds page and open the JS console. In Chrome, you can open the JS console by hitting Ctrl+Shift+J. If you are using Firefox, the combination is Ctrl+Shift+K.

Once you have opened the Javascript console, type in submitAddFunds(x) “x” being the amount of money you wish to add to your account in cents. So if you want to add $11.11, you would enter submitAddFunds(1111) into the brackets. When you have decided what you wish to add, press Enter and you’ll be shipped off to the checkout page, where you can finish your transaction as usual.