Wondering why Firefox is running slow lately? Not only Google Chrome consumes a lot of RAM in your computer. We all know that the more add-ons you are running in your browser, the slower it will be. One of your add-ons may be the culprit of your woes. How to avoid this?

Running many Firefox add-ons simultaneously can cause dramatic slowdowns. The most reasonable solution is to uninstall some of them. But removing accidental add-ons gropingly is not a good idea. As an alternative, we suggest to determine how much memory each add-on uses.

The best option to find out which add-on is causing problem for Firefox is to install yet another add-on ;) However, this particular add-on will give us detailed report on how much memory is used by each add-ons. about:addons-memory aims to reveal all the information about the browsers memory usage.

To start with, just install a copy of about:addons-memory and insert about:addons-memory in the address bar. From there, the memory used by each add-on will be displayed in an easy to understand table.

Every add-on will be displayed in a table with memory used and the percentage of memory. For example, Firefox OS Simulator which I have recently installed takes more than 7 MB, which constitutes almost 25% of all installed add-ons.

Further we can decide whether to remove some of the greedy ones or to keep, depend upon the usefulness of that add-on to you. Just go to the Firefox tab-> Extras (shortcut Ctrl-Shift-A) and remove the extension which consumes a lot of memory and causes the browser to slow down.