The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update came with plenty of new features, some of which you’ll be well aware of, others you’ll stumble across as you explore your system. One of the features that hasn’t got much attention is the upgrade to the Windows Photo Apps, which give it the ability to edit videos and search for people, pretty cool right? If you haven’t found the feature yet or just want a rundown of how it works, you’ve come to the right place.


How to Customise Windows 10 Update Settings to Better Fit Your Usage.

A lot of programs, apps and services got updated and tweaked in the latest update to Windows 10, the Fall Creators update. One of the more surprising updates to the operating system was the upgrade to the Windows Photos App, a rarely used and often forgotten part of Windows 10. In the Fall Creators version of Windows, the Photo App now has the ability to edit videos and search for people in photos as well as other objects like trees and mountains, making it a great app for novice video editors or editors looking for a quick place to compile a project.

How to Edit Videos On Windows 10 Using the Photos App.

As editing video using the Windows 10 photos app is the primary new feature added, we will start with it. To begin, open the Photo App using the start menu shortcut, then click the Create icon, slightly off to the right of centre, at the top of the page. From the drop down menu, choose Video Project.

How to edit videos and make movies using photo app

Now place a tick in the boxes for the items you would like to feature in your video. (You can use both images and video files) Once you’ve selected your content, click Add in the top right-hand corner to progress to the next screen.

can you edit videos on windows 10 photo app

On this screen, you have the following options scattered around the window:

Trim: Lets you trim the media.

Filters: Allows you to change the brightness and contrast of your media.

Text: Pretty self-explanatory, it allows you to add text to your media.

Motion: Allows you to zoom in or out and tilt up or down.

3D Effects: Lets you add 3D objects to your media.

There's also an option to add Music to your video, either from a preset list or from your own library. Just remember if you use something with copyright, you may not be able to post it to certain websites, like YouTube for example.

Once you have organised your clip, click the Export or Share icon option in the top right corner to finalise your protect.

how to edit video using windows 10 programs

Below Are the Three Video Size/Quality Options At Your Disposal.

Small: Quickest upload, best for email and small screens (960x540)

Medium: Best for sharing online (1280x720)

Large: Longest upload, best for big screens (1920×1080)

windows 10 movie maker where

Once you have exported your file, the video will be saved as a Mp4 file to the following location:

C:\Users\username\Music\Exported videos\New video_Small.mp4

Note: Swap out username for your actual username.

how to make home videos in windows 10

How to Search For People, Places & Things Using the Windows 10 Photos App.

The second feature added to the Windows Photos App is the Search function, which allows you to search for photos by their content. For example, people, trees, mountains, dogs etc. To use this function, you will first have to add the folder that contains the images you wish to search through. To do this click the Folder icon and select your folder/folders. Next, depending on how much content is in the said folder, you will have to wait.

Once it’s done, you can use the Search Box in the top right-hand corner to search for your topic. It’s not the greatest search engine yet, but it works pretty good, you may have to be specific and try similar words for the same object. I tried to search People, Girl, Woman, with no luck trying to find the 2 images below. In the end, 'Person' was the keyword that found the files. It’s also not very good for low-quality photos and grainy images.

windows 10 search photos by content