If you have been following around with the new Dragon's Dogma 2 Character but are having major issues with it crashing to the desktop instantly or after about 5 minutes or so of use. This article will show you a couple of quick and easy, yet super unusual fixes for the problem. More than likely this crashing issue will be patched before long but until then here are the steps you need to follow.


  1. The Dragon's Dogma 2 Character Creator keeps crashing here are the solutions.
  2. Fixing Dragon's Dogma 2 Character Creator crashes on Windows.

How to Fix Dragon's Dogma 2 Character Creator Crashing.

At this stage Dragons's Dogma 2 is super new so problems like this are super normal but there are a few things you can do that should solve the problem for most people. Again these are workarounds for problems so how well they work will change over time depending on when you are reading this article. However, Here's what you need to do.

Manually Configure Dragon's Dogma 2 from DirectX12 to DirectX 11.

First, go to your Dragons Dogma 2 Character Creator folder in steamapps > common.

Open "config" and change TargetPlatform=DirectX12 to TargetPlatform=DirectX11. Then save it and see what happens.

After you make this change everything will revert back to 12 but you will notice there is a lot more data within the file which seems to reduce the amount of crashing. It completely stops crashing for some people but not everything so there's certainly a hardware element tied to things as well.

Clean install your Graphics Drivers (AMD, NVIDIA, INTEL)

This is one of the best solutions for this problem and should fix crashing and black screen problems for you.

  • Download Display Driver Uninstaller
  • Download the latest GPU AMD drivers |NVIDIA drivers | Intel drivers.
  • Disable your Internet connection.
  • Run DDU and select the option to remove GeForce Experience (GFE) or the AMD, INTEL equivalent.
  • Restart your computer when asked.
  • Now install the driver software and re-establish your Internet connection. This prevents Windows from installing generic drivers automatically.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Keeps Crashing on the Character Creation Screen.

You know the drill, every time a fancy new game drops, everyone is hyped about the amazing new character creation options. But let's face it, they rarely deliver, no one has really done anything groundbreaking Cyberpunk tried with nudity but it was still underwhelming. Dragon's Dogma 2, has finally changed that with a character creation tool that lets you do some seriously weird stuff! I'm talking next-level stuff here, It kind of reminds me of what MetaHuman is capable of. Even if the game itself doesn't live up to the hype, the character creation tool has set the bar sky-high for the rest of the gaming world.