If you are looking for ways to fix Input Lag (Input Latency) in Counter-Strike 2 but don’t know where to look. This article will show you several different things ways you get better input latency in Counter-Strike 2. There are quite a few different ways you can get Input lag performance even if you don’t have really high-end hardware.

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Input Latency 'aka’ Input Lag is a Counter-strike player's worst enemy and one of the first things you need to eliminate or reduce to have any chance of being competitive. Especially when competing with players who are running high-end hardware and insane FPS rates, thankfully, there are quite a few different things you can configure to get the best results. You’ll probably find that some of the options are actually the opposite of what logic should entail.

How do you reduce input latency/input lag in Counter-Strike 2?

The first and most important thing to check is NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency To find it go to Video > Advanced Video Settings in the game. This option is really hit-and-miss and depending on your hardware you may have better results with it enabled or disabled. So experiment with it and see which configuration gives you better performance.

best input lag setting cs2

Enable Low Latency in NVIDIA Control Panel.

Another way that you can potentially reduce input lag in CS2 is to force NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency globally on your PC. To do this open NVIDIA Control Panel on your computer, then go to Manager 3D Settings. Here stay on the Global Settings Tab find Low Latency Mode on the list and choose On or Ultra from the list of options.

fix input lag in cs2

Alternatively, you can change to the Program settings tab, find Counter-Strike 2, and then enable NVIDIA Low Latency Mode from the list of options. The Global setting will apply it to everything on your computer, the other will only enable it for the game.

Customise your graphics options for the best results.

If you are really curious and want to optimise everything perfectly and individually here are the exact numbers you can use for the best Input lag settings in Counter-Strike 2. You can check out the full post on Reddit here.

what are the best settings for cs2 input lag

  • G-Sync + FPS capped at 162 (for a 165 Hz monitor) = smoother but adds about 16 ms latency
  • No big difference between capping frames in NVIDIA control panel vs. in-game
  • Fullscreen vs. borderless mode doesn't affect input latency; use borderless for easy alt-tabbing
  • Disabling "Fullscreen Optimizations" usually doesn't change input latency
  • Don't use V-Sync; it doubles input latency unless overridden in NVIDIA control panel

That’s pretty much all of the known methods you can use to get the lowest possible Input Lag experience in Counter-Strike 2. However as we mentioned above, there are a lot of hardware components and configurations that will also make a huge difference to input lag when playing CS2. Particularly mouse and keyboard specs, software and settings. You should also keep an eye on game updates as well because these may change how the game runs over time.