If you are playing Counter Strike 2 and find the build info text in the very bottom left-hand corner of the screen annoying, distracting or just out of place. This article will show you how to quickly and easily hide the build information number using a simple console command. Even if you aren’t an expert this is a really simple process anyone can follow.

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The text you see at the bottom-left corner of the screen in Counter-Strike 2 contains valuable information about the current build/version of the game. It's there for a specific reason – so that when players encounter bugs or issues and want to report them to Valve, the game's developer, they can submit this information. Which helps Valve identify which version of the game players are using when they submit bug reports.

Valve can then track down the problem and solve it with a lot less hassle. Mind you with automatic updates most people should be on the same version of the game anyway. But there are still variations from time to time.

Using The Console Command to Hide Build Info in CS2.

Now that you know why it's there let's get to the heart of the matter – how to hide it. To do this, you'll need to use a console command. Follow these steps:

  • Open the Console: To access the console in CS2, press the designated key ~ during gameplay. This will open the console interface.
  • In the console interface, type the following command exactly as shown


  • Now change from 'true' to 'false': After entering the command, you'll see 'show build info' with underscores in between the spaces. It's set to 'true' by default, which means the build info is displayed. To hide it, simply change 'true' to 'false.'
  • After making this change, press Enter. You'll notice that the text in the extreme bottom-left corner of your screen vanishes.

Using the Hidden Build Info Text to Report CS2 Problems.

You might wonder when you'd need this hidden text. Well, primarily, it's for those moments when you want to take screenshots for bug reports or other purposes. It's essential to change it back to 'true' when capturing these images, as Valve relies on this information to troubleshoot and fix game issues.

Here's a simple workflow for using the hidden build info text to report problems with Counter Strike 2.

  • Set to 'True': Change the 'show build info' command back to 'true' before taking your screenshots. You can do this by opening the console and typing rore show, then changing 'false' back to 'true.'
  • Take Your Screenshots: Capture the screenshots you need with the build info displayed.
  • Change Back to 'False': After you've taken the screenshots, switch the command back to 'false' by repeating the steps above. This will hide the text again.

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