Need for Speed Underground 2 Download

Need for Speed: Underground 2 is the second instalment in the Need for Speed racing series focused on illegal car races at night. The game hits a lot of aspects of the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift movie and will surely appeal to all people who are fascinated by cars and racing.

Compared to the previous part, the creators have modified the way of searching and starting challenges. The player now does not select individual races from the menu, but drives around the open city and searches for challenges himself. While exploring a great metropolis, we can meet other drivers who are potential rivals in night races. This adds realism and strengthens the specific atmosphere of the game.

Along with the promotion to higher and higher ranks in the street hierarchy, more districts of the metropolis, where all races are held, will be at our disposal. Need for Speed: Underground 2 offers many types of skirmish conduct - we can find here short races on one section (Drag), longer races on a specific route with several laps (Circuit), as well as a race-based on skids (Drift). There are about 10 racing modes in the game, and each of them differs in the way the game is played, thanks to which the game is not monotonous and addictive for a very long time.

In the game, you can find around 30 licensed vehicles, brands such as Mitsubishi, Nissan, Honda, etc, which, in turn, can be freely tuned to drive as you desire. There are many options for improving vehicles, and we can make changes on the visual as well as technical level. New afterburners, gearboxes, brakes and many other additions make it possible to turn the standard model into a car trimmed to the limit. There will also be opportunities to improve the appearance, and thus we will find options for adding spoilers, lowering the suspension, changing the paintwork, colours, adding graphic elements, etc. For an older game, the customisation options are quite impressive.

The graphics are still reasonably good for an older game, the cities look great at night, and the ambient lights (both from vehicles and neon lights of shops) make the colourful mosaic of the spotlight glow create a unique atmosphere. As befits the Need for Speed ​​series, the music is also at a very high level.