If you are editing and creating a project in CapCut on PC but have a few files in the media library or in your timeline appearing Red showing Media Lost - Media Not Found. This article will show you how to quickly and easily solve the problem. More often than not the issue is a linking issue that can be fixed by pointing CapCut to the correct file location. Sometimes it will appear with the following message: "Couldn't find some of the imported media files. Link the media files then edit." However, it can sometimes be a little more complicated than that so follow along as we walk you through the process.

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CapCut is one of the most popular free video editing tools currently available on Android, iOS and PC. It's free, easy to use and has quite a lot of features that allow you to make great content without much difficulty. It's also fairly easy to use compared to the other tools available. A common issue with all of these tools is "Media Lost" errors, these occur in Davinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, CapCut, Final Cut, etc. Thankfully, in most cases, they can be resolved fairly easily, but the process is a little different for each piece of software. So this guide will show you a few different ways you can fix Media Lost problems in Capcut Projects.

Before we start though, you need to understand what is causing the problem. Nine times out of ten this issue is caused when the video file is deleted, moved or has had the file name changed. Some of these issues are easier to deal with than others but we'll explain your options for each possible scenario you may be facing.

How do you Fix Media Lost in CapCut? Restore CapCut Project Files.

Normally when you open CapCut and a project it will instantly detect that something is wrong with file linking in the project and show you the following window that will allow you to relink the missing content.

  • Simply click Link Media then track down the file on your computer.

How to Fix Media Lost in CapCut PC Project

Annoyingly CapCut doesn't have an auto search and link feature like Premiere Pro and Davinci Resolve. Search and link allows you to pick a folder or even an entire drive to search. When the file is found the linkage will be updated and restored automatically.

Recover Deleted CapCut Videos.

If you can't find the file and suspect you may have deleted it, open the Recycle bin, find the file then right-click on it and select Restore. This will put the file back in its original location, then you can relink it in CapCut.

If the deleted video from CapCut isn't in the recycling bin your only other option is to hope that you have a backup or a duplicate file somewhere. If not there is no way to recover deleted videos from CapCut. The same goes for the CapCut app on iPhone and Android as well.

Can you Recover Deleted CapCut Projects?

Unless you have a cloud storage backup or a similar backup saved the project you want to recover is gone. At this stage, the only way you may be able to get the project back is to use data recovery tools though they are also very hit-and-miss.