If you are trying to download the CapCut video editing app on your Android phone but can't find it in the Google Play Store. This article will explain why CapCut is missing from the Google Play Store and how you can troubleshoot and download and use CapCut if it isn't appearing in the App Store.

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CapCut is a popular video editing app on mobile devices and is predominantly used to create content for TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts. While it is a pretty good app for doing so, it is owned by the Chinese conglomerate and developer Bytedance, which is part of one of the biggest and most disliked Chinese corporations in the world. Over the years there have been quite a few controversies surrounding Bytedance and its associated companies, services and products, which is why you may have noticed some of their apps missing from the Play Store.

If you are simply having problems and need to fix CapCut not working check out our list of guides here. When in doubt just clear the cache and make sure you have plenty of storage space. This should resolve most problems and save you any downtime.

Why is CapCut missing From the Google Play Store?

The main reason why CapCut is missing from the Google Play Store or even the App Store is that it has been banned by the government in your region. This is because of the app's data collection methods and it sending all of the data back to mainland China. As a result, quite a few countries have banned it. While less common it is also possible that your device does not meet the minimum requirements to use CapCut. Generally, the Play Store will hide apps and content that will not work on specific devices. However, you can still get the CapCut app if you are determined to use it.

CapCut Missing from the Google Play Store Solution - How to Get CapCut on Android When it's Missing from the Play Store.

Even if the CapCut app is not available in your country because it was banned or if your device isn't officially supported, you can still get the CapCut app on your device here's how.

Option 1: You can try using a VPN on your device. Once you are connected VPN server location that hasn't banned CapCut simply find it and install it from the Google Play Store. Once it is on your device it will work without any issues. You won't have problems updating the app. However, if you have an older device you may have performance and compatibility issues.

Option 2: This is the better of the two options and will work on any device, however again if your device isn't a high enough spec the app isn't going to work very well or at all. CapCut may crash or have other issues with the app. So you may want to consider using a different tool or upgrading your phone.

Next, simply visit APKMirror and download the latest CapCut .apk file. Once you have downloaded the file simply install it on your device and you will be able to use it normally. If you aren't sure how to install an .apk file check out our guide here.