If you are playing games on Steam and are focused on unlocking achievements for certain games to get 100% completion. This article will go over some of the reasons achievements may not be unlocking.

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Steam is the most popular gaming service around and has a ton of features that make it the number one choice for all PC gamers. It’s fast, easy to use rarely has any issues and is home to some of the best game sales in the industry. Though Epic Games does try their best with free game giveaways weekly. As awesome as Steam is though, there are a few little annoyances that people may occasionally come across, including slow cloud sync.

One of the most common problems that people come across is Steam achievements not unlocking. However, this can almost always be put down to a connection issue or just a delay in the data appearing in your Steam account. Sometimes it can take a few hours for achievements to appear on Steam so don’t panic just yet.

Achievement delays are quite common. If you are using a dual monitor setup and have Steam open on a second monitor while you are playing a game, you may not see a Steam update in real-time either. If you have waited for a fair amount of time and still don’t see any achievements appearing and you know that you’ve earnt them there are a couple of things you can try that should solve the problem.

How do you fix Steam achievements not unlocking? Steam achievements not appearing.

The first and most obvious thing to do is restart your Steam client. While you’re there you might as well just restart your computer. When Steam restarts all your achievements will be updated and visible.

Double-check that Steam isn’t running in Offline mode.

Another thing to check is if Steam has been switched to Offline mode by accident. To check and switch back to Online mode click Steam > Go Online. As soon as you make the change Steam will update your achievement data. You may have to wait a little while though.

How to fix Steam Achievements not unlocking

Did you actually meet the requirements for the unlock?

This is probably the most important thing. Did you actually meet the requirements for the achievement? Sometimes you may think you have but in reality, you haven’t. It’s also possible that the game bugged out and didn’t send the data to Steam. I’ve had this happen a couple of times in the past. If this occurs, you’ll need to get the achievement again frustratingly.

How to fix Steam Achievements not unlocking solution

If you’re convinced you earnt the achievement reach out to the game developer.

If you’re 100% convinced that you have unlocked an achievement but haven’t received the credit for it, you may want to reach out to the developer. If the game is new it could just be a bug that needs to be addressed. To do this simply visit the games website and use the Contact us section. Alternatively, you can also use any of their social pages. Reddit is also a good place to check if the game has a dedicated sub.

Uninstall and reinstall the game and Steam.

Finally, if nothing so far has worked and you have waited your fair share of time, you can try uninstalling the game and Steam and reinstalling them. This will reset all the data and may trigger the achievement to unlock. If you have limited data this option may not be the best for you as games are getting rather large nowadays.