A quick how-to guide showing you how to fix a Windows laptop which is showing 100% charge after disconnecting the power supply. Although this error isn’t very common, it's super annoying not being able to see the remaining charge left in your battery. Thankfully it’s also quite easy to fix and doesn’t require any advanced Windows user knowledge.


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Whenever you think a version of Windows 10 is bug or error-free, something new always manages to find its way into your life. This time around it’s an unusual bug that prevents the Windows battery icon from displaying the remaining charge left in your battery. Instead of showing 100% charge no matter how long your system has been running solely on battery power.

Prior to Windows version 1803, this battery icon bug wasn’t all that common, with a tiny portion of Windows users reporting the problem. However, after updating to v1803, it seems Windows is less likely to register the power supply being disconnected. Although this error can usually be fixed by a simple system Restart and doesn’t always reoccur, there are steps you can take to reduce the chance of it happening again, at least until Microsoft release an official bug fix.

Note: As a general rule it’s a good idea to check for any Windows updates before continuing with the more advanced fixes, especially for Windows bugs. A lot of the time Microsoft are quick to fix minor bugs and glitches like this. To manually check for updates go to Settings > Update & Security and click Check For Updates.

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How Do You Fix Windows Laptop Battery Icon Stuck Showing 100% Charge?

As mentioned above the quickest and easiest way to fix this issue is to Restart your computer. As well as this you should also take the time to remove the battery from your laptop, let it sit for a few minutes then reconnect it to your laptop. Although this is a temporary fix, most people generally don’t see the problem return for a considerable amount of time after doing so. In my personal experience, I’ve seen this battery bug twice since updating to version 1803 at the end of April on its release date. It's more than I'd like but it could certainly be worse.

For a more permanent fix, you can also do the following. Open Settings, go to Update & Security, then click Troubleshoot in the left-hand pane. Next, choose Power from the central list and click Run Troubleshooter.

windows battery icon stuck on 100 percent fix

Now all you have to do is let the tool run and complete. When it has finished, you shouldn’t have any more issues with your battery icon being stuck at 100% when the charger has been removed. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to check if the troubleshooter has fixed the issues, so you’ll have to wait and see if the error returns.

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