If you have been searching high and low across the Internet for decent, reliable, royalty free music but haven’t had much luck finding anything. This article will introduce you to a very reliable source for cheap and even free royalty free music you can use for all your professional or personal needs. 


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For a lot of people who create their own videos or start up their own small business, online store, website, etc, one of the last things they ever think about is the background music used to keep customers entertained while they go about their business. Although it may seem of little importance where you get the music you play, there are some very harsh penalties for using content without proper permission and usage authorization. As a result, you may be hit with some big financial penalties or have your content removed.

Thankfully, there are very cost effective services available that allow you to get hold of royalty free music and eliminate any risk of an infringement. However, before we show you where to find royalty free music, it’s important to make sure you know the difference between “Royalty Free” and “Copyright-Free”, as they are similar terms with very different content usage rules. 

Royalty Free generally means a user can pay a one-time fee or yearly subscription in exchange for the right to use a track, song, or other musical content. The same applies to photos and other digital work protected by copyright, patent, or trademark. Royalty Free content usually doesn’t incur ongoing license fees, though this may vary on the particular item. What royalty free doesn’t mean, however, is that the work is copyright free.

Copyright Free: Means that the content (any kind of content, photos, music, videos, etc) is not protected by copyright law and can be used as you please for free. That said, it is possible to purchase a copy of copyright-protected content from creators to use as you please. However, the original creator may choose to place some restrictions on how you use their content. It’s also a legally binding contract so if you enter into an agreement, you need to stick to the terms agreed upon. 

Where Do You Find Royalty Free Music For Videos?

At the end of the day, it’s up to you if you wish to run the risk of using content without purchasing it, however, if you do wish to do things properly, one of the cheapest and most reliable services available is https://www.freemusicprojects.com/en/

Free Music Projects offers royalty free music for Shops, Restaurants, Pubs, Coffee Shops, Gyms, Hair Salons, Supermarkets, and of course videos. You can also purchase content to use for commercials and ads, for TV and the web. For businesses, there are also playlists for Fashion & Retail, Hostelry, Hotels, Wellness & Fitness, Personal Care, Health, Offices, and Shopping Centers


Depending on your needs, you can purchase tracks, individually, or sign up for a yearly plan with a once of yearly payment. If you aren’t ready to make a purchase yet, you can also check out some of the free royalty free music on offer, which you can use straight away without having to spend any money. 

What About Copyright Free Music For YouTube and Facebook Videos?

If you are a YouTube Creator you can also find all kinds of songs/music without copyright for Youtube, Facebook, and/or corporate videos. These are safe to upload to YouTube without the risk of your content being removed. Sadly, even if you have purchased the right to use a track/song that's royalty-free, YouTube isn’t always the most cooperative platform to negotiate with as algorithms patrol a majority of the service and will remove anything deemed a copyright infringement.