If you have recently tried to make your Reddit post history private and found out it is still impossible in 2022. This article will show you the only viable way to avoid other users from viewing your posts and comments that are entirely public. Sadly this process will delete your entire post and comment history, but it is highly automated so it won’t take you decades to delete everything.

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Even though it’s 2022 Reddit still hasn’t added the ability to make profile and post history for accounts private. With the most restrictive privacy features enabled on Reddit, anyone can view your Reddit post and comment history right back to the day that you started your account. Although most people aren’t really phased by this as they usually browse Reddit with disposable accounts, there are some users who may have long term accounts with a sketchy post/comment history and a ton of karma.

As Reddit karma is a sign of prestige most users are reluctant to give up an account with a huge amount of it. Which is why people often go searching for a way to hide post and comment history. Frustratingly, as we’ve already mentioned, Reddit doesn’t allow users to make their profile private so the only way to prevent other users from reading everything you post and comment is to delete it. Which is a time-consuming process if you want to delete everything. Thankfully there is a really quick and easy way to delete posts and comments that are mostly automated.

How do you make your Reddit profile private? You can’t. But you can mass delete Reddit posts and comments while keeping your karma.

Manually deleting individual posts and comments on Reddit is a painfully slow process that would take you years to do if you wanted to delete everything from your account. So it’s best to use an automated tool/script that will do this for you. This is where Reddit Enhancement Suite comes into play. It has a ton of extra options and allows you to run special scripts that will let you delete comments and posts in bulk. Below you’ll find all the steps required to mass delete comments and posts on Reddit.

  • First head on over to the chrome web store and add the Reddit Enhancement Suite extension to your browser.
  • Once you have added Reddit Enhancement Suite to your browser visit your profile page https://www.reddit.com/user/YOURPROFILEPAGE.
  • Change to either Posts or Comments, whichever one you want to delete first.
  • Now press F12 on your keyboard (or whatever keyboard shortcut opens the Inspect window on your browser)
  • Next, change to the Console tab.
  • Now copy and paste the following script into the console window and press Enter.

var $domNodeToIterateOver = $('.del-button .option .yes'), currentTime = 0, timeInterval = 1500; $domNodeToIterateOver.each(function() { var _this = $(this); currentTime = currentTime + timeInterval; setTimeout(function() { _this.click(); }, currentTime);});

How to mass delete Comments and Posts on Reddit.

  • The script will run until it remove everything visible on the page. It deletes an entry a second so move really fast. Unfortunately, it can’t run continuously until everything is gone.
  • After it has run through everything accessible on a page, it will leave the screen blank. Once this happens, you will need to refresh the page and run the same script again in the same manner.
  • It will take quite a lot of refreshes to remove everything but it is the quickest and easiest method to use as it can remove around 20-50 posts/comments per refresh.
  • When everything is deleted you can switch to the option (posts/comments) you didn’t choose last time.

After you have removed everything You will have a clean slate to use with no comment and post history. All your karma will remain in place.