If you avoid using Instagram from your desktop or laptop PC because of its ugly, unrefined interface, you certainly aren’t alone with more than 97% of users strictly using the mobile app. Thankfully it no longer has to be such a horrible experience with a user-friendly, space-optimized alternative available for Instagram on PC.


How to Get Instagram Notification on PC.

Instagram is by far the most popular social media platform for sharing a variety of different media content. It’s easy to set up, available on just about any kind of device, and has tons of customizable options and features. That being said Instagram does have one major flaw, which the developers seem to overlook, and that’s the web version.

If you’ve ever logged into the web version of Instagram, the first thing you’ll notice is how barren, plain, and feature-poor it is. You can scroll your feed, search for basic content, and watch stories, not much else. Thankfully, there is a way to make some drastic changes to Instagram’s web version, particularly the layout and amount of whitespace, in fact, you’ll even be able to use night mode.

how view more posts side by side on instagram pc

How to Make Instagrams Web Version Better!

Unlike a lot of other Instagram web version optimization processes, this process won’t be using Stylish or Stylus to change the interface (skin) Instagram. Instead, it will be using a clever Chrome Extension called Improved Layout for Instagram.com which not only skins Instagram but also adds some much need features.

Download Improved Layout For Instagram.

optimize instagram on pc

Once you have added the extension to Instagram, using it is pretty straightforward, as it will automatically optimize itself to your screen resolution. For example, if you are using a small screen resolution (a laptop for example) you’ll see two images/posts side by side instead of one.

how to make instagram work better on pc

If you are using a standard 1080p screen you’ll see three.

how do you optimize instagram for pc

However! If you click Options at the top of the page, you’ll be able to manually customize how many posts are shown per row, I’ve found 3 to 4 to be the most useful, but what you end up using is entirely up to you. As well as filling more of the white space with posts, Stories have also been moved to the top of the page, similar to the way it is shown in the mobile app.

show posts side by side on instagram pc

Any video content you come across during your browsing also now has video controls, so you can pause, play, rewind, and skip parts of any video manually. There is also an option available to download video content directly from Instagram, though this may be removed if it interferes with policy. One of my favorite features is the ability to enable night-mode ‘aka’ dark mode which fips all white space to a beautiful, easy on the eyes dark tone. It’s also fully customizable by time, so can be set to enable and disable at your own custom times.

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Although there are hundreds of different skins available that allow you to customize the overall look of Instagram using Stylish (recently removed for spying) or Stylus. Improved Layout for Instagram.com is a far better solution as it not only skins Instagram and changes the layout, it also allows you to choose plenty of your own layout preferences.

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