If you have ever found yourself stuck trying to find out the name of an actor or singer from your new favorite tv show or song, we can help. All you will need is an image of the person in question and an Android smartphone. With these two things, you’ll be able to identify actors, celebrities, and other famous people, as well as find detailed information about their careers and back-story.


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The identification process works quite simply and can find the name of most minor and major celebrities, as well as plenty of other famous people. All you will need is a decent image of the person, an Android smartphone and an app called WhoCamera. Using the app, you simply take a photo of the person in question, which can be done from your TV, or monitor screen. It also works for screenshot images and photos from taken from magazines and other sources. 

Once the image has been captured, WhoCamera will automatically analyze the photo using a combination of machine learning and database images to find the name and an assortment of other information about your chosen target. In the odd chance WhoCamera fails to identify your target from the photo you have used, you’ll have the option send out a tweet asking who the celebrity is.

Download WhoCamera From Google Play.

How to Find the Name of a Celebrity Using a Photo or Screenshot.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app from Google Play open it. To make things simple WhoCamera’s home screen is also the camera screen. Here you have two main options, take a photo using your phone's camera (circle icon in middle of home screen) or use an image from your gallery (the photo icon in the bottom left corner)


After you import or take a new photo, WhoCamera will instantly and automatically start analyzing the photo. After a few seconds, it will show you the name of the celebrity as well as a match percentage. If you would like to double check the match and get more information, click the person’s name below the image, this will bring up the following options.

Wikipedia: Is where you will find all the useful information about the person. Including detailed personal history and career information.

Amazon: Allows you to view any products for sale linked to the person you searched. Don’t expect this to be too useful if you are searching low-level celebrities.

Image: Will allow you to view more images of the person WhoCamera identified. (Images uses Microsoft Bing’s Image Search)

WhoCamera celebrity identification

If the app fails to identify the person in the image, you can use the Ask Twitter option, which will post a tweet asking Twitter users to tell you the name of the celebrity. No doubt there will be trolls on Twitter so you may need to wait for more than one reply to confirm the identity.

WhoCamera is quite a clever app, it’s basically Shazam for actors, stars, and celebrities. As the app is fairly new though it does have some bugs, so you will need to use the best possible image you can find. Or at least try to get a good angle of the person when you take a photo of your screen. For my tests though it worked very well, even for a few lesser-known actors from Netflix Original content.