If you need to adhere to strict data usage levels each month, to avoid being charged extra. This guide will show you how to reduce the amount of mobile data Snapchat uses on your mobile devices. An easy tweak that might just save you money on excess data costs.


How to Record 60 Second Snaps in Snapchat.

Putting things into perspective, Snapchat doesn’t use all that much data in comparison to watching and streaming videos on Youtube or Facebook. However, if you’re Snaphappy and send far more video snaps, then pics, Snapchat will use more data than you might realize. Depending on the country you live in, mobile data plans and prices might not be all that attractive, so using what you are allocated each month efficiently is important. Luckily, there is a very easy way you can customize Snapchat to use a lot less data than it currently does by default.

Even if you cut back on how many Snaps you send each day/week/month, Snapchat will still use more data than you might expect. This is because Snaps that are sent to you, as well as friends Stories, are automatically downloaded whenever you open the app. The good news is that although this is the option by default, you can change the setting manually.

As with quite a few social media and messaging apps, Snapchat also includes a data saving option called Travel Mode that disables all automatic downloads when you are connected to Mobile Data. By enabling Snapchats Travel Mode feature, any Snaps you receive whilst using mobile data will need to be manually downloaded. This is done by simply tapping them to start the download and playback process. Below you will be able to find all the instructions you need to follow to enable Snapchat Travel Mode on your device.

How to Save Mobile Data in Snapchat by Enabling Travel Mode.

Obviously, the first thing you will need to do is open Snapchat. From the main Snapchat window, you will then need to swipe down from the top of the screen to view the menu screen. In the top right-hand corner tap the gear icon to access Settings.

Once you are on the main settings page, you will need to scroll down until you find the Additional Services heading with the option Manage or Manage Preferences below it. ( the title for this will vary a little depending on your device) Tap which ever option you have available on your device to open the next list of configurable options.

snapchat uses way to much data

This is the final menu you will need to enter, you will now be able to see the Travel Mode option. Simply place a tick in the box to the right of the option to Enable the data saving feature. As soon as you have enabled the option, you will need to manually tap to download any new Snaps you receive.

It’s also important to note that Travel Mode only affects mobile data connections so all snaps you receive when connected to a standard WiFi network will still automatically download. If travel mode hasn’t pulled back your data usage as much as you would have liked, you may have to consider reducing how much content you are uploading to your Story and how many Snaps you are sending.  

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