If you have recently got water or some other liquid in your phone speaker and it no longer plays audio properly, with a muffled sound. This article will show you how to clear water out of your phone speakers. Admittedly this entire idea sounds crazy and far fetched but it has a pretty decent success rate so give it a go.

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Dropping your phone in water or spilling something all over it is usually a sure-fire way to ruin any chance of ever using it again. Although this isn’t the case for waterproof models, even the best waterproof phones suffer from muffled audio after being submerged in liquid. Which leaves most people wondering how the hell do you clean the water out, without simply waiting for it to evaporate or dry?

Ultimately it depends on your phones speaker design but there are some clever ways to blast water out of phone speakers using sound. Obviously, most users will simply crank up the volume and attempt to remove the water using a Spotify playlist but this isn’t the most efficient way to get water out of a phone speaker. You need to be using optimal sound waves and sound configurations that create enough force to push water from its current position.

How do you get water out of a phone speaker to fix muffled sounds? Android Speaker Cleaner apps & tools.

As we mentioned above, the most important part about this entire process is the type of sound that is being used, which is where a few different Android apps come into play. These apps, although similar use very different sound options to force liquid out of your device’s speakers.

Before you start using any of the options listed below, make sure you spend a decent amount of time on the process don’t simply expect to get perfect results after 2 or 3 seconds of sound. Most users who have had great results have tried quite a few times all while moving their phones around to help shake out and dislodge any air bubbles etc. Check out our guide on PC AIO watercooler air bubble issues as well.

To kick things off, the quickest and easiest option is to use Fix My Speakers. Simply head on over to the website and tap the icon at the top of the page. This will play a sound that will push and vibrate water out of your phone’s speakers. It works in a similar way to the method used by Apple Watches, so it is a well-known fix for speaker and water-related issues.

If Fix My Speakers doesn’t work you can try using Clean My Speaker which works in a very similar way but plays a range of different sounds and tones to push any liquid out of your speakers. Personally, I’d probably use both of these anyway just because they are so easy to action.

Finally, if neither of the two options so far has helped remove water from your phone’s speakers, you can try using Speaker cleaner - Remove water & fix sound which can be found on the Google Play Store. If your phone survived contact with water, but the sound coming from the speaker/s is still muffled this is your last best option outside of waiting a long time for the water to dry or evaporate naturally.

clear water out of speakers using apps

How do you get water out of phone speakers?

Another great way to dry out your device is to launch a CPU intensive process, usually, a game like Genshin Impact, PUBG Mobile, Diablo Immortal, will do the trick. Just get the game running in the highest quality settings and crank the sound and the heat and sound should be enough to clear out any water. If you want you can go one better and connect your device to power.