If you enjoyed Instagram without like counts appearing on posts, both your pages in your feed. This article will show you how to hide likes on your posts (new ones you post) and hide the likes of all the other pages you scroll past on Instagram. Instagram has finally decided on how they are going to handle likes on their platform.

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After almost three years of testing how likes affect user wellbeing on Facebook and Instagram, a decision has finally been made. Surprisingly it’s not the outcome you were probably expecting. Moving forward, Instagram users will have full control on whether likes are shown on their posts (new ones only) and if they want to see the like count of posts they see in their feed.

Personally, I find the change a little silly because users who are super like conscious will simply be toggling the option on and off as their like anxiety comes and goes. However, as the data rolls in I’m sure this feature will be tweaked in the future. Although this change is mostly targeting Instagram users, it will also be making its way to Facebook in the coming weeks as well. Which is a surprise most people weren’t expecting.

How do you hide Likes on your Instagram posts?

To begin hiding how many likes your posts get on Instagram you’ll need to make sure your Instagram app is fully up to date. Once you have the latest version you’ll need to do the following.

  • First, create a post,then proceed to the very last step where you choose your caption, location etc. On this screen tap the tiny Advanced Settings option in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • This will bring up a ton of extra options that a lot of users completely miss. At the top of this list is a toggle called Hide like and view counts on this post. Flip this to On, and all the like and view data will vanish from your view and everyone else's view.

stop showing likes on your instagram posts how to

  • To turn Likes and Views back on for an Instagram post, tap the 3 dots in the top right-hand corner of a post and select Show like count.

how to hide likes on old posts in instagram

Note: You can go back through old posts and hide or show the counts as well. But it’s a manual process so if you post a lot you’ll be very busy.

How do you stop seeing Like counts on your people’s Instagram posts?

To hide like counts on all the posts in your Instagram feed, open Settings then go to Account Settings and you’ll find a section called Posts. Inside this menu flip the toggle on and Like and View counts will vanish. Depending on your location you may not have this feature just yet, however it shouldn’t be too far away.

hide likes on posts in your instagram feed

So how do you hide likes and stuff on Facebook? Hiding Likes on Facebook posts?

At this point in time, we know that the option is coming, however, we don’t yet have specifics on where the option will be located. Though one would expect that this process will be very similar to the one on Instagram. As soon as we have a detailed process we’ll either update this guide or post a brand new one. Before you go, if it has been a while since you made a backup of your Facebook or Instagram data, check the following guides for the process: Facebook account backup / Instagram account backup.