Instagram has been gaining a lot of ground on Snapchat in recent months, clawing back a large number of its users who previously converted to the disappearing photos app. The latest feature to be added to Instagram gives you the option to reply to all your favorite Instagram stories with photos and videos of your own. If you can't find the feature on your app don't worry you can follow the steps in the guide below to get setup.  


How to use Snapchat's New Voice Filters, Backgrounds, and Snap Links.

As the war for social media dominance continues, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are pumping out new content and tweaks to their services. In the weeks just gone we saw Snapchat’s Snap Map released, which allows users to share their location and snaps with friends on an interactive map of the world. And just yesterday, only two short weeks after Snap Maps came Snapchat Voice filters, backgrounds and the ability to send Snaps with Links attached to them.

Snapchat aren't the only ones releasing new features though, today, Instagram released their new feature, which allows you to reply to any Instagram Story with your own photos and videos. The best part about this is that you can even use all the cool Instagram tools that make photos and videos more entertaining. Things like Filters, boomerang, rewind and all the stickers you can dream of. Anyway you’re probably sick of hearing about the features and just want to know how to use them, so without further adieu here are the steps you need to follow to reply to Instagram stories with photos and videos.

Reply to Instagram Stories with Photos and Videos of your Own.

To start using this new Instagram feature, you will first need to make sure your Instagram app is fully up to date. Meaning you will need to be running Instagram version 10.28 or higher. Once you have the correct version, finding and using the reply feature is simple. First, find the story you would like to reply to, when it is open in front of you tap the newly added camera icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

video reply to instagram stories

On this screen, you will be able to customize your reply, you have all the standard Instagram tools such as boomerang, rewind, hands-free etc, as well as the option to upload content from your gallery. You’ll also notice a small screen capture of the story you are replying to in the top right-hand corner.

This small screen shot can also be customized, you have the ability to adjust its size and position. Once you have finished editing and customizing your reply, you can send it as you would any other Instagram message or post. When someone replies an Instagram story, photo and video replies will be displayed in your direct messages inbox, the same as another other disappearing content would.

how to reply to instagram stories with photos and vids

This might not seem like a groundbreaking, revolutionary new feature, however, it is a great step forward for Instagram, giving users the ability to engage with each other in a much more personal way. Keep an eye out for future updates, it shouldn’t be too long before we see a clever new innovative InstaMap feature in the headlines.