If you’re finding it hard to keep in touch with your friends and family with the never-ending lockdowns, you might like to know how to set up a little online gathering to watch your favourite HBO GO shows together. Seeing as HBO GO doesn’t offer anything like this by default, allow Discord to step in and give you a hand.

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Streaming content from a service like HBO GO, then re-streaming it over another source might seem like a really weird thing to do for a lot of people but there are instances you may find yourself wanting to do it. For example, if you really want to watch something with your friends and chat about what’s going on in real-time, it makes perfect sense to stream a streaming service! So how exactly do you stream HBO GO over Discord? Discord only lets your stream games right? Nope! You can stream a lot of different things using Discord.

Although most people assume Discord can only be used for gaming content and streaming games, it is possible to stream just about any sort of content from Discord to your channels. By default, Discord will detect games and give you quick screen share options that don’t include things like browsers or other apps. However, you can add them really easy and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

The only catch to streaming on Discord is that you’ll be capped at a 720p quality unless you have a nitro subscription. 720p is decent enough if you are viewing on a mobile device anyway, it’s also far more stable and less prone to lag.

How do you Stream HBO GO over Discord? Stream HBO GO content to your Discord Channel.

To begin streaming HBO GO over Discord, you’ll need to first configure Discord to work with other programs that aren’t games. Before you start the steps shown below, make sure the program, app or browser you want to add is running.

  • To do this open Discord and sign in to your account. When you have Discord open click the Settings icon to the right of your Username at the bottom of the screen.
  • This will take you to a new screen where you will need to click Game Activity near the bottom of the left-hand panel.
  • In the new window click the Add it! option and select your browser from the list. This will allow you to stream HBO GO over Discord to your chosen channel.

screen share hbo go using discord

Now all you have to do to stream HBO GO content over Discord is open the browser you are playing HBO GO from, then click the Stream icon in Discord and choose your browser from the list of options.

Note: In order to stream HBO GO from an Internet browser you’ll need to turn off Hardware Acceleration. If you don’t Discord will only stream a black screen to your channel. Strange right?!

How do you turn off Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome?

To disable Hardware Acceleration in Google Chrome, open Chrome, then go to Settings > Advanced settings. Then untick the Use hardware acceleration when available near the bottom of the page.

streaming  hbo go using discord

How do you turn off Hardware Acceleration in Firefox?

To disable Hardware Acceleration in Firefox, open Firefox and go to Options > General, then untick the Use recommended performance setting and untick Use hardware acceleration when available option when it appears below.

how to stream hbo go over discord

How do you turn off Hardware Acceleration in Microsoft Edge?

To disable Hardware Acceleration in Edge, open Edge go to Settings > System, then flip the Use hardware acceleration when available toggle to Off (grey)

stream hbo go over discord