How to use the new Adobe Photoshop range on Android: Photoshop Sketch, Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Comp CC

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It has certainly taken quite some time for the rest of the adobe creative tools to find their way across the great divide, from Apple’s iOS to Android Play store. Finally though we have an equal playing field with the addition of three new photoshop applications. Photoshop Sketch, Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Comp CC. Photoshop was originally designed as an imaging tool, mostly used in photographic production, since then it has come along way, now offering tools for just about anything, from photography, to digital art and illustrative works.


Adobe Photoshop Sketch.

As the name pretty much states Photoshop Sketch on android is exactly that, a drawing App. You can draw, anything and everything you like, using quite a large array of pens, markers, brushes, colours, and shapes.  The biggest difference between the newly released Photoshop Sketch and the older Adobe Illustrator Draw, is that sketch uses raster graphics rather than vector, which do look quite different from each other when compared closely. Sketch also has a “Community Sketches” tab to the right of the “My Projects” tab so you can compare your work with everyone else, some of the stuff  viewable in the community is quite impressive.


How to shoot in camera .Raw on your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Yes it really is an option!

Adobe Photoshop Fix.

Photoshop fix is back to the core purpose of photoshop, touching up and fixing aspects of an image. It has quite a lot of tools for doing so as well. The most useful of these will be the, crop, healing, smooth and, liquify tools (if you haven’t used the liquify tool before it’s for adjusting the shape and size of aspects in your image for example making eyes bigger or noses and ears smaller) there is also the standard adjust tab which will give you everything else standard in image editing apps. What photoshop fix does better though is it has a lot more adjustment and doesn’t really leave any of the tools you might want out. Having good zoom function is best feature though as you can get in nice and close to make finer adjustments, Somewhat difficult on a phone screen but when using a tablet this would be exceptional.

Note: Although all three of these apps are very phone friendly, having the bigger screen of a tablet to use is much more practical.

Adobe Comp CC.

Of all three of the new additions Adobe Comp CC is the least useful for the average Joe or Jane, it is based around making compositions. Comp CC allows you to layout photos, shapes and text, similar to how you would plan a magazine cover. It’s main target audience is Graphic designers and artists, it also boasts the ability to send the idea you have created to your desktop where it will automatically open in, Illustrator or Photoshop. Unless this is specifically your thing I would probably pass.


With all three of these new Adobe apps there is a “sign up”, then “sign in” process, which is somewhat annoying especially if you just want to use the app quickly. Once you are signed in though it will keep you signed in, and upload your content to the cloud for safekeeping. Again though if you are not so trusting of cloud services, perhaps give these a miss. 

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