More details have come to light regarding the deal that id Software made with EA Partners for the release of Rage. The deal with EA Partners is only for the Rage title at the moment, and it is a distribution-oriented deal only, not a publishing deal. Details also came to light about the fact that all was not lost for Activision, who has apparently secured the distribution rights for the upcoming Wolfenstein title that is being co-developed with Raven (who most recently worked with id Software on Quake IV). While id perhaps was not an EA fan in the past, it seems that they have warmed up to the idea of giving EA a try with this deal. Still, the fact that it is only a one-title deal does indicate that id has not placed all its eggs in one basket. The news that Activision is getting the distribution for Wolfenstein isn’t really a surprise, since it has been discussed for some time prior to this announcement.