During a recent presentation that was held at the Beijing Intel Developer Forum, the Santa Clara company revealed its intention of bundling its upcoming Sandy Bridge-E processors together with liquid cooling systems, such as the Corsair H50. The presentation was held by Benjamin Gould (Applications Engineer) and Dan Ragland (Staff Hardware Engineer) and focused on the overclocking characteristics of the company's Sandy Bridge processors. Even though most of the information presented in the keynote was pretty much common knowledge, one particular slide proved to be extremely interesting as it stated that Intel is considering bundling the upcoming Sandy Bridge-E processors with liquid cooling systems. Right now, there are only two companies in the market that develop such self-contained liquid coolers, Asetek and CoolIT Systems. Both have had a series of design wins until now, but nothing of the magnitude of a contract with Intel. As a recently leaked roadmap has revealed, Intel's first batch of Sandy Bridge-E processors will be comprised out of three CPU models and these are expected to arrive in the forth quarter of 2011. The high-end models can reach speeds of up to 3.3GHz, feature a six-core design, 15MB or 12MB of Level 3 cache memory and come fully unlocked, while the lower-end chips pack four processing cores, a 3.6GHz clock speed, 10MB of L3 cache and a so-called “limited unlocked” design. It's still unclear if all of the three processors will get bundled with a water cooling solution, but, most probably, Intel will only go this route for its two six-core, fully unlocked, CPUs. All Sandy Bridge-E processors will use the LGA 2011 socket and feature a built-in quad-channel memory controller, which supports memory speeds of up to 1600MHz, as well as an integrated PCI Express 3.0 controller that packs 40 PCIe lanes.