Despite the fact that more than a month separates us from the launch of Intel’s Ivy Bridge processors, these chips have already made their way into the hands of enthusiasts, such a user recently managing to overclock a Core i7-3770K CPU to an impressive 6,274MHz. In order to achieve this high clock speed, the enthusiast had to chill the CPU using liquid nitrogen, which has a boiling temperature of −196 °C (−321 °F). Installed inside an Asus Maximums IV Extreme-Z motherboard, the Core i7-3770K processor overclocked by was able to work at a bus speed of 112.05MHz which, combined with a 56x multiplier, enabled the chip to reach an impressive 6,274MHz frequency. This translates into a 79% overclock when compared with the CPU’s stock 3.5GHz base speed (3.9GHz maximum Turbo). Much like the current Sandy Bridge-based Core i7 parts, the 3770K will also sport 8MB of shared L3 cache, but its integrated GPU has been updated to the new HD 4000, which packs 30% more EUs. The TDP of the chip was also modified as the new 22nm Tri-Gate process technology used for Ivy Bridge helps decrease the power consumption of the CPU. The result is a chip that works at the same frequencies as the Core i7-3700K, and sports a faster graphics core, but has a 19% lower TDP (77W vs 95W). Just like all the other K-series processors launched by Intel until now, the Core i7-3770K also features an unlocked multiplier, which means overclockers will be able to push the operating frequencies of the CPU further than Intel's specifications. As far as pricing is concerned, CPU-World reports that Intel will ship the Core i7-3770K for $332 in 1K quantities, making it just as expensive as today’s 2700K.