According to the latest figures from Mercury Research, Intel has managed to maintain its position in the x86 processor market, with an impressive 81 percent share in Q1. AMD grabbed 18.2 percent and the results for both outfits remained flat compared to previous quarters. In Q4 2010 Intel had an 81 percent share and an 81.2 percent share in Q1 2010. AMD’s share also remained largely unchanged and VIA is still stuck with a sub-1 percent share. Overall sales were strong and chip revenue was above seasonal averages, but growth was still below normal year-on-year growth, claims Mercury Research. Unit shipments were up 7.2 percent, with strong desktop sales and a decline in server processor shipments. Interestingly, average sales prices continued to climb as well. The average price for x86 chips was $101, the highest since early 2008.