As recently reported, Nokia has teamed up with Microsoft to bring the Windows Phone 7 platform to its range of smartphones; it’s also a new step for the mobile company as the CEO admitted defeat in the platform industry just a few days ago. Intel though is going to take some damage from the partnership as plans for it to enter the smartphone industry have backfired. Some of you may recall that Nokia and Intel announced a new partnership at last year’s Mobile World Congress to introduce a Linux based operating system; MeeGo, onto its range of smartphones and tablets. During this time Intel was also developing a new low-power Atom chip to be used with new the platform but more importantly provided a way for Intel to enter the industry. The new change in platform for Nokia will affect Intel's plans to ship the Atom chip in large volumes as it’s unsupported in Windows Phone 7 and looks to be that way for some time to come. Intel has come out saying that it is disappointed with Nokia's decision to use Windows Phone 7, but says that a smartphone with an Intel processor is due to hit stores later this year. Nokia and Intel have agreed to still contribute to MeeGo as the project still has strong support behind it.