Even though just a few days have passed since Intel released its first Pentium processors based on the Sandy Bridge architecture, the company won't rest on its laurels and will soon introduce two new Pentium parts that will feature faster operating speeds. These are expected to come in the third and fourth quarter of the year and apart from the improved clock speeds will feature pretty much the same specifications as their current counterparts. The fastest of the new chips will be called the Pentium G860 and its dual processing cores will be clocked at 3GHz, making the CPU 100MHz faster than the G850. Graphics wise, this will feature the same Intel HD GPU that comes clocked at 850MHz and can Turbo all the way up to 1.1GHz when the need arises. Its TDP should be set at the same 65W and it will be launched in the third quarter of 2011. The second Pentium processor to be unveiled by Intel will be the G630 and this will also come clocked 100MHz higher than the fastest CPU in the Pentium 600-series, the G620. This means that its operating frequency will be set at 2.7GHz, while all the other specifications will be kept identical. The chip is expected to make its debut in the forth quarter of 2011. Compared to G800-series Pentium CPUs, the G620, and the upcoming G630, come with a slower memory controller, which only supports DDR3 speeds up to 1066MHz. All Sandy Bridge Pentium CPUs feature two processing cores, 3MB of Level 3 cache memory, support for the SSE4 instruction set, but lack Intel's more advanced technologies such as Hyper-Threading, Turbo Boost, AVX or Quick Sync. No details regarding pricing are available at this time, but these will probably carry the same 1000-unit MSRP as the parts they are meant to replace.