Today is launch day for iOS 6. This guide shows the eligibility for upgrade, times that it will be available, the new features, and how you can upgrade to it. Devices that are supported: iPhone 3GS iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPod touch (4th generation) iPad 2 The new iPad What's new in iOS 6? Below are a few of the major features: Maps - Apple revealed an all-new Maps application for iOS, ditching long-term partner Google in favour of TomTom. the new app features 3D images and turn-by-turn directions. Siri - Apple's 'humble personal assistant' Siri is getting a major update with iOS 6 that adds the ability to read sports results, make a restaurant reservation, launch applications, update Facebook and twitter statuses. In the UK we will also now be able to use location based requests, which were previously unavailable. Facebook and Twitter - Deep integration of the world's two most popular social networks means you will be able to Like or tweet from pretty much anywhere in iOS 6, and contacts will even sync with Friends and Followers to draw in birthday and picture information. Do not disturb - new feature - found in the Notifications area of the Settings menu - that can be activated to silence the iOS device and stop the screen from lighting up, between set hours while you sleep. And finally, how can you get it? iOS 5 introduced OTA (Over The Air) updates, so your iDevice will alert you when the firmware becomes available, or you can go into the Settings menu and manually check for updates. Be aware that your iDevice should have at least 50% of battery charge to ensure a smooth upgrade.