Apple partner OmniVision has recently produced new sensors called OV12825 that are targeted at newly emerging devices, one of which is most likely to be Apple’s iPhone 5 rumored to debut this fall. The newly developed sensor, offering a 12.6 megapixel resolution, will enter production around early June, sources inform. The maximum 4224x3000 resolution will not be usable for video, as it yields just 15 frames per second - sub-par for most smartphones today, totally inadequate for a handset that is to supersede the iPhone 4. However, the sensor can record 1080p video at 60 fps, and also has enough pixel and performance headroom to use pixel-shift image stabilization, according to electronista. The technology site reports that the CMOS features technology that is both low-light sensitive and relatively fast. While OmniVision’s new product seems like the most plausible implementation of a camera sensor in the upcoming iPhone 5, it has been rumored that Sony sensors will be making their way inside the handset. The phone itself, originally though to be on track for the yearly refresh cycle that Apple fans have grown accustomed to, is reportedly slated for fall 2011. This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference will reportedly include software-only announcements, and perhaps a preview of iOS 5. The new mobile OS is widely believed to focus heavily on cloud computing, and will reportedly play a big role in the introduction of Apple’s forthcoming iDevices, including the iPhone 5. While a developer preview of the new iOS is expected to drop at WWDC 2011, a new iPhone announcement is seemingly not in the cards for this summer’s event. People close to Apple are saying that assembly lines are yet to receive orders from Cupertino. The same companies also manufacture Apple’s iPads. Apple is also known to be struggling to manufacture enough units to fulfill demand.