There is something to be said about having the fastest selling device in gadget history, it means you have a hot product. Apple managed to claim this title with its iPad after selling 2 million iPads in just 2 months. According to, Microsoft sold 2.5 million Kinect's in the first 25 days which means they are averaging 100,000 units a day. At this rate, Microsoft has taken the title of fastest selling gadget in history from Apple as it is selling twice as fast as the iPad. Selling 100,000 units a day is an incredible number for Microsoft as the device must be attached to an Xbox 360. Microsoft clearly has a hit on its hands, and is adding valuable life to the aging Xbox 360. The Kinect brings new life to the Xbox 360. Its revolutionary controller free setup allows access to a new demographic of gamers. While the launch hasn't been without its flaws, and Kinect still could use a bit of refinement, Microsoft has hit a homerun with its latest offering.