Microsoft announced that they have managed to sell 2.5 Million Kinect units in just 25 days. The figure, revealed by IGN, which includes all worldwide sales, eclipsed those of Microsoft’s rival Sony, who sold 2.5 million PlayStation Move controllers within a couple of months of their launch. Microsoft had originally predicted sales of around three million Kinect units by Christmas, but with the figure released today, the company is expected to go well past that by the end of the year. Though earlier this month Microsoft’s Don Mattrick stated that the company hoped to sell five million units worldwide, a figure that they may now be pushed to reach. In other news, many analysts have predicted that both Sony and Microsoft commenting that their hardware stock was showing shortages around the world, may have been a hoax. According to analyst Michael Pachter said that he believes the companies are just trying to build up hype without justification. PlayStation Move and Kinect devices have been available around the UK since they launched, with no sign of any shortages.