In a bid to avoid a repeat of Vista, when vendors did not have the drivers to support it, Microsoft has ordered computer and other hardware makers to begin testing their devices on the forthcoming Windows 7 OS as soon as the first beta version becomes available. According to the company Website, anyone who does not comply with the edict won't qualify for Microsoft's Windows Logo certified compatibility program for Windows 7 or Windows Vista. The 61 page word of warning said that beginning with the first beta of Windows 7 all Windows Vista submissions must include a complete CPK with test logs from Windows 7. It is not clear when Microsoft will release a beta version of Windows 7, but it could be as soon as the next couple of months. A final version of Windows 7 will ship in late 2009. Apparently, Microsoft has had a gutful of complaints from customers who claim that Vista is about as compatible as an elephant driving a Mini or me and my ex-girlfriend.