One household in north Texas has reportedly gone through four iPad 2 units and still hasn’t gotten one that doesn’t have issues. The problems primarily have to do with the screen, whether it’s backlight bleeding, dead pixels, or speckles in the glass. According to a report by 9to5mac where Matt’s story is published, Apple may have to replace multiple faulty units that may have been released in the wild as the result of a manufacturing ramp up prior to the tablet′s launch. Matt’s story goes: “My wife and I have gone through 4 iPads that, aside from the screen, were perfect. Dead pixels, horrible backlight bleeding, speckles in the glass, very strange glowing dot under the LCD. These are the issues in the 4 we’ve bought (and returned/will return).” Dissatisfied to the point of having nothing left to do but share his story with the world complete with pictures, Matt added: “They’re not horrible, but disappointing to say the least. These are from the better two units, purchased at Apple. The really bad ones were bought at Walmart and were returned within an hour of purchasing – they were that bad.” In a report published yesterday, Softpedia originally informed that Apple’s iPad 2 may have an issue with leaking light from behind the LCD screen. A person able to obtain an iPad 2 WiFi+3G model discovered the issue and decided to record the action. At the time, we noted that Apple may be forced to exchange iPads for free, or even reimburse customers for their trouble, should the problems become widespread. But now it appears that iPad 2 units have been rushed out the door with even more issues. Some have reported yellow tinting on the screen, though such scenarios are less dramatic. The tinting stems from still wet adhesive used in the manufacturing process. According to reports, this issue is self-reparatory. However, dead pixels won’t fix themselves.