What appeared as a rumor yesterday is now official, as Sony Computer Entertainment Japan confirmed that a new model of its PlayStation 3 home console, codenamed CECH-3000, will be released soon, with upgraded features as well as a possible increase in the security measures of the device. Sony's PlayStation 3 home console is selling quite well, but, with the recent security issues that caused rampant piracy on the device, as well as the hacking suffered by the PlayStation Network, things haven't exactly been all that great. Now, Sony has confirmed that a new and improved model of its PlayStation 3 will start being deployed around the world in the following months, codenamed CECH-3000. This first appeared as a report yesterday, and Sony has now confirmed that the upgraded PlayStation 3 will be lighter, 2.6 kilograms as opposed to the current 3kg weight, and more power efficient, consuming just 200W, not 230W, like the existing device. Now, a new report has surfaced, from GamerTell, which cites an inside source that claims the new PlayStation 3 models will have upgraded security features. The website says that while current consoles have built-in anti-piracy systems on the motherboard of the console, the new console will also have an upgraded copy-protection system built into its Blu-ray drive, which is going to pretty much stop piracy altogether, at least with unauthorized Blu-ray discs. The new model will also sport a firmware upgrade to its Blu-ray drive, which is set to shorten the authoring process for those who want to create content for Blu-ray distribution. As you can imagine, Sony hasn't commented on the new security measures in the new PlayStation 3 model, while its American or European branches have yet to confirm if or when the new console model will be released in their respective territories. Expect more details in the following weeks.