After the release of the Core i7-2700K, Intel is now working on another multiplier-unlocked Sandy Bridge part, this time from the Core i5 series, namely the i5-2550K, which is expected to arrive at about the same time as AMD’s next wave of FX-Series processors. This launch strategy would help Intel to better its position in its fight against AMD’s Bulldozer CPUs which all feature an unlocked design. The new chip was uncovered by CPU-World in Intel’s Material Declaration Data Sheets database that was updated at the end of last week in order to include this new part, identified as the BX80623I52550K. No specifications for the Core i5-2550K were provided together with the chip’s listing. However, this CPU is expected to resemble a great deal its predecessor meaning that it will sport four computing cores, 6MB of shared Level 3 cache memory, Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics, a dual-channel DDR3-1333 memory controller and an unlocked multiplier. As far as its operating clock is concerned, CPU-World expects this new chip to get 100MHz higher base and Turbo frequencies than the current i5-2500K, which means that this will run at 3.4/3.8GHz. Thermal Design Power (TDP) will be set at 95W and the chip will lack Hyper-Threading support. Pricing is still unknown at this point in time, but it should come somewhere in between the $216 (161.7 EUR) Core i5-2500K and the $317 (237.4 EUR) Core i7-2600K. In April of the next year, the four K-series unlocked Intel processors will be joined by two other chips based on the 22nm Ivy Bridge core that will be known as the Core i5-3570K and Core i7-3770K. Both of these processors will greatly resemble the Sandy Bridge parts they are meant to replace but will feature more powerful integrated graphics and a lower 77W TDP.